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A Few Random Things

Purveyor of handmade jewelry and knick knacks.  Things you may not need but you definitely want.

Kilted Uprising

Unique, well made kilts


Auntie Arwen’s Spices and Teas

Second and Third Weekends Only

All hand blended spice and teas for your enjoyment.  Allergies are not a problem.  We custom blend, all here in the US.  Come travel the world on your tastebuds!


Ave Rivera Studio

Ave Rivera Studio is known for their fantasy inspired ceramic wares and illustrations. Ave’s work is colorful, magical, and imbued with a touch of whimsy!  Stop by her booth for playful pottery celebrating ttrpg, enchanted forests, quirky creatures, and more!


Beacon Craft Studio

First Weekend Only

My name is Meredith and I handcraft unique leather goods in New Haven.  I specialize in wallets, bags, belts, collars, and other accessories and small goods.  I also create custom products to suit personal needs and lifestyles, from knife sheaths to harnesses.  Much of my work is influenced by my love of tarot and games.  In addition I also repair and restore beloved vintage leather items so that their owners can continue to cherish them and reduce waste.


Bert Piedmont

First Weekend Only

Gevera Bert Piedmont is the author of the paranormal Mickey Crow series, the collection The Maw (Quetzalcoatl Ascending series), co-author of Airesford, and the designer of the Mystical Mermaid Affirmation, Desert Divination Oracle, and Clockwork Lenormand Oracle decks. She has been published in various anthologies including Doomscrolling, Love Beyond Death, The Fellowship of the Old Ones, Heart of Farkness, and Through a Scanner Farkly. She earned an MFA in creative writing and belongs to Horror Writers Association and New England Horror Writers. She hides her tentacles well. Connect with her at or 


Black Kat Designz

Handmade and dyed silk, linen, and cotton wearable fantasy clothing and accessories


Bone and Botanicals

Bone and botanicals is dedicated to providing ethically sourced bones, and local wild herbs. Our hope is that our products bring a connection back to the primal, to the earth, and promote healing. We offer a wide array of animal bones, bone decor, bone knives, herbal bouquets, loose wild herbs, and smudges. 


Burt’s Chimney Cakes

First and Third Weekends Only

In 1956, our family escaped Hungry getting shot at by the Soviet Union Army.  My grandmother carried a baking scale with her to the United States along with her delicious European recipes she would later spoil her family and friends with.  Many years have passed and we no longer have our beloved nagyamma with us, but we are happy to bring this delectable Hungarian dessert to the Northeast!  Andrea and her son, Christopher, began their family’s chimney cake business right as covid struck, but they persevered and are very happy to introduce a family favorite to fair goers everywhere!


Capes & Corsets

We provide custom made capes and cloaks as well as high quality corsets  and corset dresses in many styles and sizes, all at reasonable prices.


Certainly Something Creations

First weekend only Certainly Something Creations focuses on making unique and geeky accessories for the sophisticated medieval nerd. With a focus on upcycled materials, we hope to create fun and fantastical items sure to make a statement!


Charmz by Rania

Crystal themed creations


Charter Oak Leather

Charter Oak Leather makes leather items to cater to every individual.  Each and every piece is handmade and not mass produced.  We have recently added a line of pride products to ensure that our products are all inclusive!


Cornerstone Creations

Last Weekend Only

Offering a full line of concrete benches, birdbaths, stepping stones, planters, statuary, memorial stones, wall and fence hangings, birdfeeders, and so much more


Dirty Steve’s Homemade Soap

What better way to show your love to the women or men in your life than with natural homemade soaps from Dirty Steve’s.


Dragon Whistle Stop

Our Dragon sells whistles and bells


Dragon Wycks

Handmade dragons with personality!  Imported tapestries and other castle decor items, Celtic jewelry from the UK.


Dragon’s Lair

Dragon's Lair is a local game store that supports its role playing community by providing space and having a variety of products to make your next role playing session a success. Miniatures and rpg supplies and a whole bunch of dice are some things you will see at the Dragon's Lair booth. 


Dragonfire Meadery

Dragonfire Meadery was born from a passion of making mead also known as Honey White and enjoying it with family and friends.  Mead is a wonderful drink for all sorts of occasions, it doesn’t need to be a special event to enjoy a glass.  I enjoy the variety that mead offers and my line highlights some of the wonderful combinations of honey wine available.  I craft mead in small batches because it allows me to have a higher degree of control over my product in the end.


Eclipsed Crafts

Second Weekend Only

Eclipsed Crafts & Midgard Arts is an artist team who seek to bring their love of Norse and Celtic culture to the masses through their hand-made art and jewelry. They create and provide items for use in many forms of spirituality, as well as pieces that are whimsical, geeky, and fun.


Enchanted Adornments

Second Weekend Only

Enchanted Adornments is a one woman show creating wearable, colorful, magical pieces out of yarn and fiber and silk.


Enchanted Glen/Rosa Luna


Enchanted Surprise

handmade dragon glasses and other whimsical items.  All unique and one of a kind.


Fernwood Faeries

First Weekend Only

Fernwood Faeries, Filigree and Finery are one of a kind, handmade, fantasy sculptural figures, jewelry, and hair accessories.  Trained as a theatrical costume and puppet maker, I use the skills and materials from those crafts to create my own little world of fantasy friends, wearable art or treasures for the home.


Fimbulwinter Arts

Fimbulwinter Arts is a trio of artists who are passionate about fantasy, sci-fi, and comics.  We make everything from plushies to prints to garments and are always updating our stock.


Fluorescent Finery

I make and sell glow in the dark items


Forbidden Forest Art

Forbidden Forest Art is an artist pair that deals primarily in ceramic work and illustrations.



Ethical, caring psychics with over 50 years experience each at your service, Tarot, palmistry, runes, I Ching, oracle cards, pendulum, intuitive readings.


Freak of Nature

Third Weekend Only

Soap made with the good stuff! Need I say anything else 


Fun Time Designs

Second and Third Weekends only  

Kids love to watch the wheel spin while making their own art


Goblin Worx Leather

Leather renaissance, fantasy, and cosplay clothing, armor, and accessories


Grounded Baking

Grounded Baking is a cottage food bakery based in Norwich, CT


Heiress Gaming

Heiress Gaming is a rather unique take on your typical gaming store.  Our “brick and mortar” store is actually a yurt that we travel around the mid-east part of the US in, selling at Renaissance Faires, Fairy Festivals, and a few Gaming Conventions.  We pride ourselves on carrying games by independent developers that you won’t find in most stores.  We have products from roleplaying games that are not your typical Dungeons and Dragons to a line of handmade historical games you won’t find anywhere else.


JD Chandler

JD Chandler is a historical candle company, making candles and talking about history of candles in the 15th to 18th century.


Jessica Lucci

Can be found in the Author’s Nook third weekend only  Jessica Lucci is a poet and steampunk fantasy author who writes about modern issues while maintaining historic integrity.  She makes her home in Waltham, MA, USA, with her time traveling budgie, Lamarr.


Lady Feyline’s Fantastikal Faces

Lady Feyline once again graces our hamlet with her artistry.  Using techniques and skills inspired by the upscale techniques of European artisans, Lady Feyline transforms the faces of children and adults alike into beautiful works of art.  Lady Feyline specializes in parties and activities for children and adults and augments her work with glitter and jewels.


Lame Horse Creations/Mother of Dragons Cave of Creatures

The less expensive alternative to historically accurate clothing.  A variety of handmade plushies with a fantastical theme.


Lore and Lumber

Lore & Lumber is a husband and wife artistic collaboration focusing on the fantasy of art and object.  We offer anything from original art, hand turned wooden objects and collaborative items between those realms!


Mad Dash Players

Mad Dash Studio showcases original art infused with color and whimsy.  Enjoy! 



Magestone Creations is dedicated to the craft of jewelry necromancy:  rekindling traditional metalsmithing techniques, using recycled materials, and refurbishing secondhand finds in order to create wearable art as individual and unique as the wearer.  Queer-owned, homegrown CT small business.


Marie’s Maille

First Weekend Only

I make chain maille jewelry, dreamcatchers, keychains, dice/money bags, and other creations to brighten your life.  I also make paracord bracelets and pet leashes.  Please stop by and see us.


Medieval Memories

Using the magic of green screen technology we can place you in a place of your imagination.  Costumes provided on request.  Photos printed on site with digital copies available. 


Mermaid Lagoon

Second and Third Weekends only  

Children and Youth costumes and accessories.


Mik’s Mix

We are a mom and her 12 year old son handmade and homegrown small local business, featuring everything from beaded items and jewelry, homegrown lavender and sage products.


Mystic Meats

Mystic Meats offers a variety of flavors of beef, game and exotic jerkies, including alligator, kangaroo, and ostrich.


Native Wings

Third Weekend Only

We offer handmade dreamcatchers, ornaments and jewelry.



Home grown & harvested florals that are preserved in resin as jewelry and other home goods.


Phoenix Tail Art Studio

Second Weekend Only  

A Baltimore native, Phoenix Tail Art Studio uses fire burned alcohol ink to create one of a kind works of art.


Queen of Swords

Jessica Alves of Queen of Swords Tarot is a self taught intuitive reader working for many years.  She offers guidance through her readings in life, work, and relationships and does it all with a sense of humor.


Rabenwald Metalsmything

Demonstrating blacksmithing through the day.  Here you will find handmade jewelry, accessories, and ornamentation for the home.  Forged and crafted in a variety of metals.


Ratlum Mountain Wood Craft

First and Second Weekends Only

Ratlum Mountain Wood Craft creates custom wood and acrylic products, forged from the finest quality.



My name is Ren, I am an oil painter & illustrator.  I dabble in fan art, but I mostly make original work exploring topics like identity, dysphoria, and corporeal dissonance.  The throughline for all of my work is the dreamy, sweet veneer and the classical painting techniques I employ, reminiscent of baroque and rococo art styles.


Rhiannon’s Hook

Rhiannon’s Hook offers quality handmade crocheted items.  I specialize in crocheted toys, shawls, skull/goth items, bags, and the occasional blanket.  I also delight in making pentacle and goddess shawls for the well dressed pagan.  My many toys are popular Pokemon figures, unicorns, dragons, teddy bears, and jellyfish.


Rubino Italian Ice

Offering various flavors of Italian Ice


Runway Boho

Carefree Bohemian style of jewelry made of leather and beads with a touch of glam.


Savell Knives

Third weekend only  

Hobbyist blacksmith and bladesmith from New Hampshire.  I have been learning the crafts for the last two years, making a variety of knives, hooks, necklaces, decor and more!  My wares are hand forged and can be made to custom requests.


Shady Emporium

For all your shady needs!  Parasols, Fans and more


Smudge Books

Nereida and Raquel are a writing and illustration duo focusing primarily on dark fantasy art and stories.


Soul Stone Junkie

Soul Stone Junkie is delighted to offer a glistening shoppe in which patrons can adorn the body, dress the alter, garnish the table, and feed the soul.  We journey to MFRF with over 100 different minerals and crystals of all shapes and sizes, unique stone and copper jewelry, hair pins, and pendulums, and a few extraordinary curiosities.


Sustainable Collapse

A New England area LARP mashing together the Fantasy and Science Fiction genres that leans heavily on the Fantasy elements while incorporating SciFi aspects.


The Art Child

The Art Child provides therapeutic painting activities for you, and the Fey, Dragons, and the like!  We love seeing the creativity, and can’t wait to meet you!


The Bling Stop

Visit The Bling Stop for loads of renaissance head attire & accessories!  Face paint - paint tattoos - something for everyone!


The Crafty Druid

The Crafty Druid specializes in sewing, resin casting, and sublimation. Visit their shop to view an assortment of accessories, jewelry, purses and cups! 


The Dragon’s Hoard

Third Weekend Only   

Visit Ed the Wizard’s “The Dragon’s Hoard” where you will find collectible one ounce silver  and copper rounds of various designs, including dragons, dinosaurs, mythology, norse, steam punk, celtic, pirates, and much more.   Choose a one ounce round, or one of the many “Dragon Hoard Starter Kits.”  Each “Starter Kit” includes a velour bag with a one ounce copper dragon round in a protective case with regional coins from the realm of that Dragon; many worldwide species to choose from.   You will also find magic wands and rings made from US State quarters all made by Ed the Wizard!


The Mad Crafterz

The Mad Crafterz bringing to you magica and mystical art pieces.  Pendulum boards and box sets, eye of the dragon pendants, wood burned sigils created specifically for you to assist you on your journey.


The Mad Mailler

Custom chainmaille armor, clothing, jewelry, and fun oddities


The Pixie Caverns

The Pixie Caverns makes all the sparkly, shiny, items to make you happy!  From chain and scalemail to crystals and even potions!  We will even do custom items for you during the run of the show!!


The Strangest Places

Do you remember how everything felt so big when you were small?  The Strangest Places takes you back to that feeling when you come across our jewelry and artwork.  Using preserved botanical specimens, each piece is hand-crafted from beginning to end - right down to foraging and drying the specimens!


The Undertree

Handmade underpinnings!  At The Undertree we make all of our items by hand; just 2 girls and a couple of sewing machines.  We believe in sustainability and helping to eliminate textile waste, so our goods are made with upcycled or recycled bed sheets.


The Wandering Witch

First and Second Weekends Only

We are a metaphysical community center located primarily in Virginia, however we “wander” throughout the east coast and midwest.  We offer community events as well as classes, online and in person.  We also sell crystals, handcrafted jewelry, wood art and more.  Our services also include tarot readings, palmistry and birth charts.

Borgo Medioevale - Offering Muscadine Grape Cider as well as Muscadine Grape Preserves.


The Wicked Crafty Women

The Wicked Crafty Women bring magical items to your life!  We are a group of three women that combine our talents and creativity.  You can find a new friend to accompany you on adventures, a bag for your travels, decorations for your home and much more.


Third Age Outfitters

First Weekend Only

Purveyors of fine goods and accessories, art and armor.




Vagabond Spun

Passionate about the art of broom making, Paskalini the Broomsquire behind Vagabond Spun shares her love of brooms through her unique offerings, and her workshops.  Vagabond Spun is a shop specializing in hand made brooms and besoms.  Whether your cleansing needs are magickal or mundane, or you’re looking for some witchy home decor, Vagabond Spun has a broom or besom for you.


Viridescent Cosmetics

All Natural CBD infused products that promote beauty, good health, and relaxation.


Waking Dreams Games

Waking Dreams Games is a solo owned and operated game design and publishing company responsible for unheard of gems like their adaptable Core TTRPG Rule Book and unsung masterpieces like Dream On, Froggy.  In recent years we have begun dabbling with 3D printing various dice towers which we are now proud to sell directly to you in both unadorned and fully decorated styles.  Additionally we are also proud to announce that this year we will be the exclusive provider of the legendary Fairy Dust created by The Fairy Apothecary!  Come on over and live the dream or just up your sparkle game!


Wayward Leather

First and Third Weekends Only  

Our Monsters are made by hand and are one of a kind!  No two can be the same so choose wisely.


Wired on a Whim

There are no production pieces here! I consider every pendant a piece of art, and who wants to paint the same picture over and over again? But more importantly, would you rather be one of x amount of people who owns that necklace, or the only one who owns that necklace? My jewelry is made to be as unique as the person wearing it.


Zunda Illustrations

Sara Zunda is a young fantasy illustrator from Connecticut who focuses on creating inclusive narratives featuring themes of folk, lore, adventure, whimsy, and a touch of darkness.  Offering a more modern take on the dark fantasy niche.  She offers these artworks as custom commissions, stickers, fine art prints, art journals, washi tapes, handmade prints and more!

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