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Shop with our unique array of crafters and artisans!


2022 Vendors:

Wood engravings and other artistic shenanigans such as tabletop gaming supplies, jewelry, paint pour paintings, and palm stones.

A Few Random Things

A collection of gorgeous copper jewelry, chainmaille, and paintings.


A Moment in Time

Magical fairy globes

Appalachain Druid

Body lotion, spell jars, and face serum

Auntie Arwen's Spices

The finest spice blends, teas, tinctures and more! 

Author - Jessica Lucci

Jessica Lucci is a steampunk fantasy author who writes about modern issues while maintaining historic integrity, with works such as the Watch City trilogy and Salem Switch.

Bling Stop

Beautiful face paint, henna, and more done by fabulous artists!

Bone of the Banshee Oddities

One of a kind oddities and unique creations

Burt's Chimney Cakes

Delicious chimney cakes with ice cream!

Byzantine Brat Aromatics

Unique and wonderfully scented soap art

Capes and Corsets

Ren faire attire including cloaks, corsets, and capes!

Charter Oak Leather

Beautifully crafted leather goods and drinking horns.

Cornerstone Creations

Offering an array of traditional, whimsical and classic high grade concrete statuary, birdbaths, stepping stones, and so much more. Specializing in mythical, fantasy, celestial, cultural, new age and nature inspired designs with custom finishes and color layouts like no other.

Dolls Gone Wrong

Hats and headwear

Elemental Allies

Over 80 different varieties of precious stone and crystal, all wirewrapped in their raw forms to celebrate the natural beauty of Earth, as well as jewelry, chains and cords, singing bowls, and keychains

Enchanted Adornments

Yarn hairfalls, painted silk scarves, crochet hats, and painted fans.

Enchanted Glenn

Kids costumes and accessories, ladies garb, plush pets and puppets.

Enchanted Surprises

Unique one of a kind gifts. Handmade with love and a little magic!


Upcycled cork planters, crystals, glass blown mushrooms, and crochet bags.

Fimbulwinter Arts

Fimbulwinter Arts is a trio of artists who are passionate about fantasy, sci-fi, and comics. They make everything from plushies to prints to garments.

Fluorescent Finery

Beautiful glow in the dark art in several colors and patterns.

Forbidden Forest Art

Forbidden Forest Art is an artist pair that deals primarily in ceramic work and illustrations. Sarah Nieman and Zak Lane both make functional and sculptural ceramics in a variety of intriguing colors.


Experienced, ethical, caring psychics at your service

Freak of Nature CT

Unique soap, skin care products, aromatherapy and jewelry dishes.

Goblin Worx Leather Company

Renaissance, fantasy, and cosplay clothing, armor and accessories.

J Beads

Handmade bead bracelets, made from glass, semi-precious stones and metals.

JDummit Chandlier

Katelyn Gognon Art

Katelyn Gagnon is a Connecticut based visual artist whose disciplines stem from a love of illustration. Her work often includes surreal and fantasy based themes.


Kilted Suds

Bar soap, lotion, sugar scrubs, and skin care.

Lady Feyline

Facepaint, bling, and glitter done by a wonderful artist.

Lame Horse Creations

Clothing, plushes, paper crafts, and fairy wings, all handmade with care!

Laughing Hyena Magical Emporium

Fine wands, leather goods, costumes and more.

Linked on Fantasy

Crafting of all magical types, including chainmaile, stick dot figures, and scalemail armor and accessories.

Mad Crafterz

Glass etching, acrilic paintings, and pyrography.

The Mad Mailler

Custom chainmaille armor, clothing, jewelry, and fun oddities.

Medieval Memories

Get your picture taken in a fantasy or medieval background.

Mitawolf Creations

Hand made crocheted toys, unicorns, dragons, capes, and more!

Mystical Inspirations

Specializing in fantasy style headpieces, earcuffs, jewelry, crowns, and more!

Queen of Swords Tarot

Intuitive tarot card readings and pendulum readings.

Rabenwald Blacksmithing

Hand made jewelry, accessories, and ornamentation for the home. Forged and crafted in a variety of metals.

Ratliff Mountain Wood Craft
Custom wood and acrylic products, forged from the finest quality materials. 

Rubino Italian Ice

Italian ice and frozen treats

Runway Boho

Handmade Jewelry designs made of leather, suede and beads.

Sara Breslin Illustration

Empowering, colorful artwork with gorgeous desgins.

Sew Cute Crafts and Art

Adorable bags, keychains, and tumblers.


Shady Emporium
Visit for all your shady needs! Parasols, fans, and more!

Smudge Books

Art prints, pins, tote bags, candles, books, and greeting cards.

The Arts Child

Stop by with the kids for some fun DIY painting!

The Dragon's Lair

Dice, board games, gaming accessories and more!

The Undertree

Bloomers, leg bands, aprons and underdresses.

Tinkerbell Workshop

Wardrobe accessories, jewelry, home decorations, and candles.

Tintagels Gate

Battle and fight gear from foam to high carbon steel, magic supplies, incense and oils, and boots.

Vegetarian Viking

Eco and animal-friendly garments and accessories. 100% wool, sustainably and ethically sourced!


Wick Trials

Candles, room sprays, wax melts

Wicked Crafty Women

Witch balls, stuffed animals, dragons eyes & more! 


Zunda Illustrations

Art prints, stickers, pins, game placemats.

Certainly Something


Engineers without Borders


Happy Witch


Mad Dash Players


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