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The Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire is one of the only Festivals in the United States with a new storyline annually that takes places within an original Fantasy World created specifically for the Faire.

The History and Mythology of the World of MFRF was started in 2011.

The World of the Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire was created by Daniel GreenWolf & Anthony Miron and the Stage Show Script (That you can watch and follow throughout a faire day)
has been written by Anthony Miron since 2014. 

Our Story for our 2023 Season:
Call of the Vanguard

Presenting the Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire's 2023 Scripted Cast


Keith Fiermonte

Introducing our visionary director of The Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire! With over 10 years of directorial experience and a passion for bringing imaginative worlds to life, he has crafted unforgettable experiences for audiences.


With a diverse background as an independent filmmaker, theater veteran, stage combat fighter, and set designer, his creative prowess shines through in every aspect of our enchanting event. Get ready to be transported to a realm of magic and adventure under his expert guidance!

Mayor Killarn of Anleigh

Rae Marley

Rae, who is making her scripted cast debut this year as Mayor Kilarn, has worked in professional theater and Renaissance faires since 2009. She has a B.A. in Theatre from Northeastern University and in her spare time writes and performs music, LARPs, and spends time with her partners, found family, and two furbabies, Benny and Aram.

Thailinus of Gorredill

Kai Notarile

Kai Notarile has been with the Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire for over ten years. She grew up with a love for the performing arts, playing instruments, dancing, and writing stories, and most recently has gained a passion for filmmaking.


Growing up, she always loved watching the storylines at the faire and was enthralled by the history and the world of MFRF, and has been honored to be part of the scripted cast for the past two years.

Lt. Fulthan of the Northlands

Michael Tracy

Mike Tracy is a classically trained actor with over 20 years of experience in both film and theater. He could be found in Ogunquit Playhouse productions for 7 seasons, in notable roles as the Beast in Beauty and the Beast and Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid.


After a brief break from theater to explore filming, he has returned to his roots, participating in the renaissance faires that brought him joy as a child; Mike hopes his experience helps make the faire a special one!

Gladdrian of VonSall

Dillanger Steele Otterson

Dillanger was born in California, but grew up nearly all his life in CT. He's participated in several amateur productions locally, and is heavily influenced by his love of gaming.


The Ren Faire has always been a place he enjoys going back to again and again, and he's looking forward to joining the cast this year!

Warden Taragus of Sylvannus

Vanessa Briodagh

Vanessa Briodagh is excited to return for her 2nd year in MFRF's scripted cast as Marshall Warden Taragus of Sylvannus.


When she isn't performing in scripted cast, you can find Vanessa performing as Bella GreenWolf alongside Daniel GreenWolf in Celtic Magic. Together they perform stage magic and grand illusions all over the country. She also works as a nurse and in her spare time, Vanessa enjoys martial arts and is a Red belt in Tang Soo Do.

Magus Dawthen of Kuuki

Cassandra Brown

This is Cassandra’s first year with MFRF, but she has had a penchant for the dramatic, musical, and physical arts since early childhood. Her interest in theater, music, and acting were nourished from her mother, who rented every VHS tape of musicals available at their corner video store.


She performed in color guard, marching band, and drum and bugle before choreographing and teaching color guard in Massachusetts. In 2017 she moved to Connecticut and became aware of MFRF. Cassandra now lives in Norwich with her husband and two delightful cats


Aurelie Briodagh

Aurelie Briodagh is proud to make her debut in the MFRF scripted cast as Galina. Aurelie has performed with the Orange Players in their production of Threads and spent a year singing with the Fairfield County Children's Choir.


She also plays the violin in her school orchestra. In her spare time she enjoys martial arts and is a red/blue belt in Tang Soo Do. She also enjoys dance, needle felting, and playing board games

Illyna of Iuaron

Colette Jolie Gardner

Colette Gardner has been an active member of the Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire since 2017. She has indulged her passion for acting with the Orange Players. Additionally, she has founded her own production company, successfully creating and directing four short films. Excitingly, they are preparing to compete in the upcoming 48-hour Film Project.


Her deep admiration for costuming and acting fuels her appreciation for the remarkable efforts put forth by the dedicated cast and director in bringing this remarkable show to life

Bua of Gruumor

Jim Miron

General Manager/fighter/sideshow hobbyist


"Failing upward is my career path."

Former Head Warden Caine

Shane McCarthy

Using his newfound freedom, Shane is making a comeback to the land of Culayne. A firm believer in the idea that the best way to be alive is to be seen living, he couldn't think of a better way to be seen than in a scripted show involving swords and magic.


If you see him this year, tell him congratulations, but don't ask why. It'd spoil the immersion.

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