Flyppin Byrd Tavern - Our own pub, serving mead, beer and wine!

The Pickle Booth
- What's a Ren faire without Pickles!


Mels Magickal Meals - Delicious Handmade Sweet or Savory Pies, French Fries, Scotch Eggs, Fried Pickles, and texas chili, along with ice cold drinks.

Cucina Dolce - Gourmet Brownies, Ice Cream Brownie Sundaes and Delicious Jams

Tiki Tavern - Freshly made pineapple or strawberry smoothies, fresh squeezed lemonade and iced coffee.

Soulshine BBQ -  Smoked BBQ, Giant Turkey Legs, Pulled Pork, Mac n Cheese and more…

Soulshine II - Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Soup and Chili Bread Bowls, Assorted Wraps, S’mores on a Stick and ice cold drinks.
Kettle Corn and Cotton Candy




Food vendors if you want to join us email the Food Vendor Manager

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