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Our Stage Shows for 2022!

These Acts grace our stages EVERY weekend of the Faire!

Daniel  GreenWolf: Celtic Magician


As seen on AMC Network's "Dispatches from Elsewhere" and at Renaissance Faires for over two decades! See Irish themed Magic and Stories, Strange & Witty Comedy, and Death-Defying Feats of Fiery Doomity Goodness! Fun for all ages!

GreenWolf- Richard Jones 2022_edited.jpg
Krystal Younglove_edited.jpg

Strangelove Sideshow Spectacular

Steel your hearts and behold the Damsel of Danger, Krystal Younglove the Indestructible Lady.

Presenting classic sideshow performances to strike to your very core. Animal traps, piles of glass, beds of nails, light bulbs

Family-Friendly (For Slightly Odd Families)

The Sasanach

Sasanach presents The Fiddler and the Fairy: Music and stories from the Emerald Isle. Sasanach (who occasionally answers to "Keith", as well as "hey you!" and "does anyone want the rest of these potatoes?") is an Englishman who fell in love with the people, places, and traditions of Ireland (and the clothing of Scotland).


At our faire he brings us a sample of music and stories that were given to humans by the people of the fae.

Photo by B and A Photography .jpg

Meadow Perry: Bubble Magician

Meadow Perry is a Magician who creates breathtakingly beautiful magic out of thin air. Discover true wonder as this sorceress of soap bubbles takes the rules of bubbles outside the box and takes you on an elegant journey exploring the soapy secrets that bubbles hold.


Meadow is an internet sensation, with hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of views on TikTok, she has also performed for The International Brotherhood of Magicians, The Society of American Magicians, and the World Famous Magic Castle.

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Minstrel Dave & The Songbird

Ren Faire performers for over 2 decades. Maria and Dave have joined forces to entertain you.

Maria has been performing at Renaissance Festivals for over 15 years with multiple groups and has been singing for almost 2 1/2 decades in several different choirs. Maria really shines on Vocals but also plays the Recorder & Tinwhistle.

  Minstrel Dave has been performing at Renaissance Faires In Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, Idaho and Washington. Playing guitar, mandolin and singing Dave is so old that when he writes a new song, it's already traditional.

Minstrel Dave.jpg

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Vince Conaway.jpg

Vince Conaway
The Beauty of the Hammered Dulcimer

 A Masterful musician and composer, and you can find Vince performing historical and original music on Hammered Dulcimer throughout the Americas and Europe. Whether he's performing in English, Spanish, or Italian, he believes that the audience should not be separated from the show but instead be a part of it, and he brings a bit of cultural and historical perspective to every performance. 

Not In The Face Productions

The epic fight crew of the
Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire. For over a decade, they have been exciting audiences with their story-driven melees and brilliant battles. See them swing steel as part of the scripted show throughout the day!

Taliesin Phoenix.jpg

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Taliesin Phoenix

Taliesin Phoenix is a bard, seanchaí, bearer of the seven colors: Storyteller. He has collected the great myths and epic poems from across the lands and through all of time brings them here to reveal the lessons, laughs and lyrics that guide the wise in every age. Join him to light the flame and see the StoryPhoenix rise from the ashes again.

The Improv Comedy Fire Show Spectacular!


See our variety performers, and maybe a few special guests, take the stage for two words that should never be combined- Improvisation and Fire!

See the absurdity live Every Saturday Night!

The voices_edited.jpg

Rabenwald Metalsmything

Watch the Expert Craftspeople of Rabenwald Metalsmything working the ancient trade of flame and metal. Experience live demonstrations throughout the day, and even purchase their creations!



The Pleiades Dance Show

A Fantabulous Belly Dancing troupe with a Story to tell. Their movement will entrance you and their personalities with enchant you. Don't miss them!


Captain Tactless

He's Strange, He's Bawdy, He's Tactless... Experience his Ribald song slinging at the Pub (And more family friendly songs outside of the pub) throughout the faire day!


Phoenix Swords

For over twenty years, this troupe of slightly mad, but well-educated, swords-people have brought knowledge and fun to audiences across the East Coast. Learn about the history of Weaponry and see valiant battles throughout the day!

Thyme Awaye

Listen to the brilliant folk sound of this Piratical Songstress. She has been with us since the beginning and you'll be delighted by her enchanting melodies and shanties that'll get you moving!

Thyme Awaye.jpg

Catch these Amazing ACTS on Select Weekends

foxy bard_edited.jpg

The Foxy Bard

The Foxy Bard is a musician and public performer who specializes in Irish, Scottish and English folk songs ranging from the 16th to the early 20th centuries. He is also available for parties.

2nd & 3rd Weekend Only


The Harmless Danger Juggling Show!

Harmless the Danger Juggler performs a show that is more fun than you can shake a baby at! Featuring equal parts outrageous silliness and dangerous stunts, it's a funny juggling show with serious consequences.

1st Weekend Only


New for


New for

Chaste Treasure

Chaste Treasure's trio of upperclass ladies bring a unique,  tight sound to sassy songs and modern parodies alike. Truly a "treasure" but questionably "chaste" their audience interaction is comical while their tight harmonies mean business.  From frolicking drinking songs to sea shanties and original folk tunes, Chaste Treasure has something for every music lover.

1st Weekend Only

The Magic of Michael OJ

See the Amazing legerdemain
and skillful sleight of hand of this wily conjuror!
A Delight for audiences, young and old!

3rd Weekend Only

Michael OJ.jpg

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Jim Mackenzie FGB 5x7.jpg

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Jim Mackenzie
Comedian With Mad Skills


Jim has been keeping vaudeville alive since 1985 and continues to add new original routines to the act. He learned to juggle at a young age from his dad. He picked up sword swallowing and other skills along the way, taught himself violin and put it all in a comedy show that has become a favorite with audiences around the country. He's been featured on national TV and legitimate theater. Experience in the moment comedy and amazing original feats.

"I love that the act wasn't about the juggling, you really are a comedian with mad skills!" - Will Arnett - Executive Producer, The Gong Show

2nd Weekend Only


New for

The Harlot Queens

The Harlot Queens are a comedic musical act hailing from New England. These self-styled "Queens" may look innocent, but their songs are not! Join them as they sing about their failed attempts at love, seafaring, and various criminal enterprises. You will be in for a "royal treat!"

2nd & 3rd Weekend Only

The Bad Ideas Variety Show

Since 2014 Bad Idea Variety Show has been on the road traveling to Renaissance Faires showcasing “Better Entertainment Through Poor Life Choices”

Offering two distinctly different shows.  The “Bad Idea Variety Show” is a show case of variety acts based around not so brilliant ideas for playing chubby bunny or to a round of russian roulette.

3rd Weekend Only

The Harlot Queens_edited.jpg

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Back for 2022! This troupe of fire slingers will light up the sky of our final weekend Saturday Night Extravaganza! They take fire dance and performance to a whole new level with unmatched creativity and fun!

2nd Saturday Night Show Only

Gloom, Doom, and Shroom


“Gloom, Doom, and Shroom present a jaw dropping, heart stopping, head chopping, once in a lifetime show shock full of skullduggery and sepulcher. We put the Fun in Funeral. The macabre undertaker, executioner, and apothecary are here to treat one venerable victim to this disquietingly deluxe decapitation. Putrefaction guaranteed.” 

3rd Weekend Only

gloom doom shroom.jpg

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Experience our Exciting Shows!

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