Daniel GreenWolf
Experience the act Voted as one of the top 5 Non-Musical Acts in the United States four years in a row by Renaissance Magazine and Renaissance Music Podcast. He combines amazing magic with ancient stories, hilarious comedy, and death-defying feats!


Shakespeare Approves!

The one-man, audience-interactive, Shakespearean shows!
Join Will Shakespeare as he takes you on adventures full of merriment, sword fights, mistaken identities, star-cross'd lovers, romance, shipwrecks, musical numbers, and ... being pursued by a bear! The Shakespearean adventures are a family-friendly, madcap, zany time where everyone gets involved, whether you want to jump onstage as a performer or sit back in the audience & enjoy the fun! Shakespeare Approves!

-- 1 st & 3 rd weekend only --

Paolo Garbanzo-  New for 2019

Juggling! Comedy! Danger!
Paolo Garbanzo has performed for crowds all over the US and Europe, he's been a member The Flying Karamazov Brothers, given a Lifetime Achievement Award by the International Juggling Association, and is the 2007-2008 winner of The International Jester Competition, making him an official Jester of Muncaster Castle. He's the first American in history to be an official Jester of an English castle!

-- 3 rd weekend only --

Vince Conaway - New for 2019

Internationally Known Hammered Dulcimer Player!

He's a masterful musician and composer, and you can find him performing a wide variety of music on hammered dulcimer throughout the Americas and Europe with music ranging through Celtic, medieval, and renaissance repertoires. Whether he's performing in English, Spanish, or Italian, he believes that the audience should not be separated from the show but instead be a part of it, and he brings a bit of cultural and historical perspective to every performance.

The World of Wyck
Sideshow stunts and off-the-wall comedy!
Watch one man put his body in harm's way for YOUR entertainment! Sideshow stunts that have to be seen to be believed!

David Darwin

Dave's act will thrill you with whip cracking, plate spinning, lasso, ball spinning, unicycling and more! And be prepared to laugh yourself out of your seat as Dave juggles, dances and sings with both legs behind his head in an act that earned him an appearance on NBC's "America's Got Talent".?

-- 1 st weekend only --

Knights of Gore
Live Combat! Drama! Intrigue!
Watch this Fight Show throughout the day and follow a tale
of kidnapping, betrayal, and of course, COMBAT!


Granny Grue
Granny Grue's Vegetarian Zombie comedy show is for all ages. If you see her wandering around anywhere, do get a Dragon Tear to ward off bad dreams! And, if you find any body parts lying around, they are probably hers. Please return them for a prize!

The Graces
Bawdy Songstresses Sure to Delight!
What happens when you combine sexy wenches and beautiful voices with rowdy tunes?
You get the Graces, of course!

The Harper & The Minstrel
Celtic Harps, Flutes, Recorders, Penny Whistle,
Bowed Psaltery, Guitar and beautiful vocal harmonies
will transport you to another place and time!

Blackjacks 'n Blarney
"The pirate drinking group with a Celtic singing problem is BACK! We are reviving our unique brand of musical merriment and minstrel mayhem! "

-- 3 rd weekend only --

Christopher the WitchDoctor

Born in the middle of nowhere, Christopher has long been forced to use his imagination to explore his world. Drawing from ancient traditions and modern science he uses little to no props, instead relying almost entirely on the abilities of his mind and body and the minds of his audience to create the incredible phenomena they will experience throughout the performance.

Strangelove Sideshow Spectacle
Steel your hearts and behold the Damsel of Danger, Krystal Younglove the Indestructible Lady.
Together with her Seemingly Psychic Witch Doctor Christopher Strange: presenting classic sideshow performances to strike to your very core. Animal traps, piles of glass, beds of nails, light bulbs?

Hayes Memorial Music Jam - New for 2019
In 2017, the MFRF lost a beautiful soul in Musician, Artist, and professional exploder of Cannons, Rachelle Hayes. This laid-back jam session of our faire's musicians is something she always loved to do, so this time is set for just that. You never know who you're going to see or what beautiful music you're going to hear. But it's always awesome.

Not In The Face Productions
Our incredible fight crew! See them throughout our story line and in the Epic battle at the end of the day!

The Voices

Wondrous Renaissance Music!Enjoy a group made from our very own villagers thatsings lovely ballads & mug-swinging shanties!

Sir Nigel the Black- Time Traveling Troubadour
Out of touch, out of time. Time traveling minstrel bringing you songs from the far distant future.  
Tales of love, loss, princes and fish.

The Jackdaws
The Jackdaws deliver original, contemporary, and traditional Irish Rock to audiences across the land. This trailblazing trio will excite and have you coming back for more with their driving melodies and relentlessly aggressive lyrics. More Irish than a drunken roar, and a damned sight messier, meet The Jackdaws.

-- 1 st weekend only --

Three Pints Shy
A raucous pub band, updating and reinvigorating the Celtic music so beloved all around the world. Preferring the enjoyment of music and drinking, the group is influenced by all Irish drinking songs.

-- 2 nd weekend only --

Drunk & Disorderly
The Creepy Bard is a musician and public performer who specializes in Irish, Scottish and English folk songs ranging from the 16th to the early 20th centuries. He is also available for parties.

-- 2nd & 3rd weekend only --

The Crimson Pirates: Back for 2019!
In 21 years of performing - this intrepid crew of Musical Maestros has appeared in 2 off-off-broadway productions, a plethora of Renaissance Faires and Pirate Festivals across the country, produced 7 Albums, and so much more. Their exciting tunes will keep your sails blowing and your spirits high!

-- 3 rd weekend only --


"HVBRIS is a fun-loving, piratical, licentious, geeky band of fire freaks who seek to entertain and amuse with wickedly creative antics. Returning to the Faire, they hope to amaze their audience once again with their dangerous delights. Performers and instructors, Hubris loves introducing people to their element, FIRE!"

-- 3 rd weekend only --

Thyme Awaye
Thyme Awaye has been hailed as an amazing performer with a voice that will bring down the house. In fact, that is spot-on. Her tone and the music that accompanies her make her songs haunting and leave a lasting impression on the audience. She aims to keep the Celtic Folk Music tradition alive... and she most certainly does.

The Sasanach
Sasanach presents The Fiddler and the Fairy: Music and stories from the Emerald Isle. Sasanach (who occasionally answers to "Keith", as well as "hey you!" and "does anyone want the rest of these potatoes?") is an Englishman who fell in love with the people, places, and traditions of Ireland (and the clothing of Scotland). At our faire he brings us a sample of music and stories that were given to humans by the people of the fae.

Pleiades Dance Show
Belly Dancing troupe with a Story to tell. Their movement will entrance you and their personalities with enchant you. Don't miss them!

Rabenwald Metalsmything

Live Blacksmything Demonstrations Throughout the day, see what it is like to take hammer to hot steel and create beautiful and function works from a charismatic and talented master of his craft!

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